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Biography Henry van de Velde

The Boekentoren, together with the Henry van de Velde Foundation, is the initiator of a project about Henry van de Velde, the architect of the Boekentoren. We are working on a new biography that looks for the person behind the artist. We want this research to radiate to our own Van de Velde collections and are entering into partnerships with museums and other institutions to make 2027 a Henry van de Velde year.

Why 2027? In that year, the Van de Velde heritage ends up in the public domain, 70 years after the artist died in Zurich.

On this page we regularly report on the ongoing project: a sneak preview of the research, stories from the archive, an incoming donation of Van de Velde-heritage, updates about the project.

Onderzoekswerk Henry van de Velde