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    A world at war: Lovelings war diary 1914-1918

    Virginie Loveling was 78 when World War I broke out. From day one, she kept a diary as a curious, opinionated witness. After her death, the manuscript, along with other ego documents, was deposited in the Ghent University Library. The war diary was recognised as a Flemish Masterpiece and is one of the 52 masterpieces in our heritage collection.

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    A digital war diary: 4,000 images for the future

    Virginie Loveling's 1914-1918 war diary was digitised in 2023. The complex composition of the manuscript consisting of different types of leaves, bookmarks, wrappers, newspaper articles, fold-out pieces of text... eventually led to 4,000 images that can now be studied and used for inspiration.

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